Monday, June 15, 2009

Together Through Life (2009), Pt. 2

I thought of this, the opening scene from The Naked Kiss, after seeing the official video that Sony came up with for this song. Plus I love the look on Constance Towers' face when the guy pulls her wig off....

I am going to Houston--in August to hear Dylan play this (I hope). (Seemed a shame to have the footage of Dylan's driving wasted on a Cadillac commercial....)

Then I saw this song utilized by HBO to accompany an ad for True Blood . And I thought, "If vampires, why not the Japanese?" (No, I didn't actually think that--I simply like Mishima's film and was looking for a reason to use some of its footage. I like the short story on which it's based even more.)

Monday, May 11, 2009


I don't know what happened to the other videos that used to be posted here. In the mean time, here's another one for "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'." The footage comes from the 1945 film-noir classic Detour starring Ann Savage and Tom Neal. Obviously, I've subtitled this video "The Never-Ending Detour Version."

Hearts of Fire (1987)